Kitchen dresser Shelf

In a kitchen, open shelving puts attractive crockery on display, while freeing up space in the cupboards. This dresser keeps frequently used utensils and tea towels within easy reach, and its small footprint means it won’t take up much floorspace. Use patterned oilcloth on the sides for a waterproof covering, and trim the shelves with ribbon. Add a metal towel rail and cup hooks for hanging utensils. Finish with wicker storage baskets and a blackboard on the side.

1. Cover the sides

Measure and cut the oilcloth to fit then, working up from the base, attach it to the sides with double-sided tape. Secure a piece of oilcloth to the back of the shelves with flat head thumbtacks along the edges.

2. Add hanging storage

Drill 2mm pilot holes then attach a timber rail with cup hooks to the top of the dresser with screws. Secure a metal towel rail to the front of the dresser on the next row of shelves using brackets and screws.

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